Comic Book News and Kickstarter milestone bonuses

As difficult as things are right now, it’s a little hard to celebrate a Kickstarter launch.  But sometimes fate and/or the timing works that way and all we can do is set your chin and move forward.  I’m moving forward on Kickstarter and it’s been going wonderfully.  I’m truly grateful for all those people that have backed my story.  In return, I have an amazing new cover and a look into Issue #3, which is coming up soon.  It’s Day 4 and I’m tracking at 57%.  That’s outstanding!  Many thanks to all those that have pledged and supported me.

And now… Comic Book News

Looks like DC Comics is ditching Diamond Distributors!  That’s kind of a big deal in the comic book world.  Right now, Diamond basically has a monopoly on comics distribution and they wield it with a heavy hand.  Been that way for around… 25 years!  The distribution model currently makes it pretty tough on local comic books shops.  They can’t return unsold stock and, from what I understand, don’t get any recourse with damaged stock either. We will have to wait and see if this is good news or bad news for your local comics store.

Keep an Eye Out for NEW TIER REWARDS and MILESTONE Bonuses
I plan on adding a Milestone Bonus for all backers at the 75% funding mark.  I’m currently looking at a full digital comic that will be absolutely FREE for everyone that’s in!  Also, expect to see a new reward tier available that will feature some original art.  These are single pieces that are “first come, first served.”  I have them set up in Pinterest and you can see them before they’re announced HERE.  They’re all amazing pieces featuring Aneksi, when she lived during her heyday in ancient Egypt.  

You can check out my Kickstarter here:

See you all next time!  Stay safe, stay healthy, stay SANE!

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