Halloween 2019

The year is winding down and what a year it has been!  This has really been my first full year on the convention trail and it has been a great (and exhausting) time.  Had some great discussions with some great fans about comics, movies, music, etc.  Two more shows to go!  As the conventions wind down, I’m trying to get back to focusing on writing.  I’ve been learning that content is king and I need to stay on top of bringing my story (the first story arc, at least) to a conclusion.  I’m looking forward to releasing that 5 – 6 book story in a gorgeous hardcover omnibus but… I have to start with writing the scripts first.  

And now… on to the latest Spectress & Sabanion news:
My artist has been banging on my door for the next script and I’ve handed off the next 10 pages.  Topper has already passed me rough layouts of the first 2 pages:  
PAGE 1 – Features Cheska at an abandoned gas station waiting, somewhat nervously, to pick up her potential friend, Rasha (aka Aneksi aka Spectress).

PAGE 2 – Features Aneksi and Sabanion leaving CONFAC-4, much to the chagrin of the security team that guards the facility.

I have to say, with so many weekends at conventions it’s been hard to stay focused on writing.  I also plan on using an editor to help me streamline my story and make it a smoother read.  I am really excited to get back at it though!  Issue #3 is going to start the friendship of Cheska and Aneksi (… if things work out), show the next steps of Alarbus (who is burned and pissed off!) and introduce a new and insidious villain, the Blood Shade.  He will be the dark mirror to Aneksi, the Joker to her Batman, the Red Skull to her Captain America.  The introduction will definitely take that step off the dark end.
Keep an eye out in the next month or two as I will be getting into the Kickstarter game!  I’ve had a lot of fun and discovered some pretty cool stuff just clicking around on the site.  You can find my Kickstarter profile HERE.  I’m working on Issue #3 but I will be launching on Kickstarter starting with Issue #1.  I know that doesn’t sound all that interesting but, after a bit of research, I’ve learned you don’t Kickstart in the middle.  I’ll start with Issue #1 and release some new covers!  I’ve already pinned down 2 (maybe 3) artists for alternate covers and they are going to be so cool!  I can’t wait to see the artwork!  After that, I’ll launch Issues #1 thru #2 (also with new covers), and then Issues #1 thru #3, then Issues #1 thru #4 and so on…   I’m really excited to try out this new way to get new comics into the hands of fans!  

In other news…

Not sure what the point is with these guys.  I understand they are great filmmakers.  I will always love Goodfellas, The Departed, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now and many of their other movies.  Not sure why they’re on this kick and throwing shade on the Marvel movies.  They could very simply say, “Those movies are really not for me, but I congratulate them on their success” and be done with it.  Ah well, I guess the media culture we’re in pushes people to unnecessarily blather their nasty opinions.  I guess I don’t even understand why the questions were asked.  It’s like asking Beethoven if he likes Guns N’ Roses and then everyone getting all worked up when he says no.  Eh, more manufactured indignation.  Who needs it?

Thanks, Comicvine!

Also, I found out I’m on Comicvine.com.  That’s kind of cool.  Thank you, pikahyper, whoever you are.


Wizard World – Madison:

I was at Wizard World-Madison last weekend and had the pleasure to share a table with another writer, William Miles.  This was his first show and convention debut of his comic, The Hawk.  

This kid is ONLY 17 and he’s put out his first comic!  Plus, he knows how to use social media waaaaayyy better than me!  Ha!  He’s going to conquer the world.  I gave him some pointers on attending conventions and he showed me a few of the bells and whistles on Instagram.  He sold out of his comic at the convention.  The guy has endless enthusiasm, a great attitude and, honestly, a pretty damn well written comic book!  You can find him HERE.

Remaining Conventions in 2019:

November 8 – 10, GalaxyCon, Minneapolis, MN.  I had such a great time in Minneapolis for MetaCon so I’m looking forward to this show.  I really enjoyed wandering around downtown.  Found a great bar where I sipped a great beer and munched a great burger.  Union Bar?  I think that’s what it was called.  Anyway, can’t wait to visit Minneapolis again!

November 22 – 24, Days of the Dead.  Rosemont, IL.  This will be my first horror convention.  Unsure how it will go.  Are horror convention people into comics?  Will they get fake blood all over my table?  Only time will tell.  Michael Biehn will be there and I REALLY WANT TO MEET HIM AND/OR GET A PICTURE WITH HIM.  I grew up watching him be the ultimate gritty tough guy in Terminator and Aliens.  My character, Sorn, has a bit of Michael Biehn in him.