Hellraiser & Fandom

Ok, I’m a Hellraiser fan… OR AM I?

I’ve only seen 2 of the Hellraiser movies and really enjoyed them. There are 10 Hellraiser movies and I avoid #3 – #10 because I hear they are not so great.

If you’re wondering why we’ve never gotten a good Fantastic 4 movie, it’s pretty much the same reason why the Hellraiser franchise went downhill. There’s a great video on YouTube that talks about the franchise and why it went in the direction it did:

I’m 2/10 on Hellraiser so am I a real fan? I read an article on this years ago and I haven’t been able to find it. With all the franchises and sequels out there there can you be a fan if you like less than half the entries in that series? You can easily map this out. Here’s where I am:

Hellraiser – 2/10

(the comic book series is pretty good though, highly recommended – it’s on COMIXOLOGY)

Star Wars – 5/11

Predator – 1/6

Alien – 2/8

Marvel – 14/23

Toy Story – 4/4

Die Hard – 1/5

Pirates of the Carribbean – 1/5

Wow… I’m batting a thousand with Toy Story, maybe I need to reassess my genres!

What are your numbers? There are a bunch of other franchises I didn’t bother to figure out (Indiana Jones, James Bond, The Bourne movies, LoTR, etc). Maybe fans at conventions should get together and say, “I’m 2/5 on Jurassic Park, here’s why…” Maybe they already do, in a way.

What I’ve been listening to/checking out lately

So, if you’re a fan of Pinhead it’s most likely because of the actor playing him, Doug Bradley. Check out his YouTube channel. He reads Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. I dig that shit.

If you’re a fan of martial arts/action movies, definitely check out Scott Adkins’s Art of Action series where he interviews great martial artists from the movies: Tony Jaa, Kane Kosugi, Michael Jai White and even Jeff Speakman. One of my faves is Epidsode 10 – Mark Dacascos, who became a monk at the age of 17 after watching Jet Li in Shaolin Temple.

Review: Shaolin Temple (1982)

It all fell apart 6 months later when his uncle swung by as a part of a dance troupe filled w/ Hawaiian hula girls. Transcendence is tough where there are girls in the world, you know? I get the feeling that was a smart but underhanded move by his dad.

That’s all I got for now. Hope you’re doing well… stay CAGEY.