The Kickstarter SAGA!

It’s July 3rd at around 11pm…. I’m 60 minutes away from the end of my first Kickstarter. What a ride it has been! I learned a lot. The ups and downs can be very extreme. The high you get after you first start is amazing. That initial boost is intoxicating. You start to bottom out after that and the worry starts to set in. The dry spell gets to you after about 10 days of little to no activity and then some people drop out and withdraw their pledges. Yeah… nerve-wracking! You can get here very easily.

But, I’m sitting on a very successful run: 125% funded right now, with my first shot at YouTube Live coming up at 11:30. Will be interesting to see how many will sign on.

I’m going to copy/paste my email updates during the campaign below… in case you’re reading my blog and want to see the continuation of the story. Have a great 4th of July weekend and enjoy:

The DC / DIAMOND Saga continues!

As with most news on the Internet, there’s a brief moment of calamity after news of any big changes comes out.  Talked about those in my last few emails.  There’s a big announcement, followed by a bold statement of defiance upon which heaps of further outrage and criticism are not-so-delicately sprinkled.  Eventually cooler heads prevail, give it a little thought and do a little analysis.  The best article I could find on the whole situation was here on Den Of Geek:

A great article but, to boil it down, here are the main points:

  • DC Comics has pulled out of Previews and will no longer use Diamond Distributors
  • DC Comics will now arrive at your LCS on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays
  • Since many comic shops are still closed, the true impact has yet to be seen
  • This is most likely going to hit Diamond Inc pretty hard

Facebook LIVE!

If you’ve forgotten what I look like… you’re lucky!  I’m going to try giving Facebook Live a try for the first time.  It will be tomorrow, June 24th at 7PM Central Time.  You can link to my page here:

I’ll be talking about Spectress & Sabanion, the story, the artists, the Kickstarter and the ongoing adventures of Aneksi (aka Rasha Rashed) and her gentle associate, the fiery, whirling, imperious demon – Sabanion.  I’ll even field questions if I figure out how it works.  

Comic Book News!

Robert Kirkman, along with Charlie Adlard, are bringing The Walking Dead back for a one-shot called NEGAN LIVES!

The best thing about it is HOW they’re doing it.  It’s FREE for your local comic book shop to stock!  Image Comics isn’t charging retailers for the book.  Buy a copy on Wednesday, July 1st and help out your LCS.  Comic books shops are a bit on the ropes right now.  I don’t read The Walking Dead regularly, but I will certainly be picking up a copy of this.   

Puttin’ on the FRITZ!

Thought I’d change gears a bit here for a special spotlight focus on someone very important in my life:  Fritz the Dachshund.  Also known as Fritzy-Boy and Little Fella.  He’s a good boy and my little buddy and, like every other dog out there, he’s the best dog in the world.  He just wants to do the right thing.

… and he’s WAY INTO Spectress & Sabanion!

Who knows?  Maybe he’ll make an appearance on FB Live tomorrow.  The next Dachshund Spotlight will feature his older stepsister, ZOE.  Don’t miss it!

A Topper Helmers expose’

I can’t really say enough about my artist, Topper Helmers.  He’s a great guy.  He’s shown nothing but imagination, enthusiasm, and determination when it comes to bringing my scripts to life.  Honestly, I struggled when it came to finding an artist.  I lucked out a few years back when I had a table across from him at a small show in IL and he needed some IT assistance with an uncooperative tablet.  The rest is history.  Now… he’s drawing my books and offering up some great art to help me have a successful Kickstarter.  What else can I say?  Well… there’s a Frank Frazetta connection too.  Maybe a small one but I’m still going to talk it up!

Heavy Metal Magazine just did an article about the famous fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta, and an upcoming new book of his art. 

Click the pic to see the article.  If you watch the YouTube Video at around the 14:18 mark, the page turns and you’re met with a red bearded viking.  Somehow, he’s missing the furs, tankard of ale, and gleaming battle ax but you can’t miss him.  Topper Helmers, ladies and gentlemen!