I still do have a number of things to be thankful for.  I was able to successfully fund 2 Kickstarters!  

Not only that but I got to connect and work with some great cover artists, Mog Park and Chris Ehnot.  I hope you like their stuff because you’re going to see more of it!  

In 2020, I also retired after a long career in the WI Army National Guard.  I’ve been working at least 2 jobs since I was 17 and it’s hard to believe this one is done now.  I already miss it.  I started getting into comics years ago for fun, but also as a way to fill the space that I knew would be there after leaving the National Guard.  Busy hands are happy hands.   I worked with some really wonderful and competent people, some of whom have been through some very difficult experiences.  The character from my story, Sorn, is a bit of a nod to them.  

Coming up in 2021

I have lots of goodies I want to get to you in 2021.  2 more issues of Spectress & Sabanion are currently brewing and I’m thinking of expanding my Chicago Overcoat one-shot story into another potential series.  I’m going to call it Ruxy Vampire and it’s going to be intense, action packed, and sexy!  Yeah… I’m going to try dipping a toe into the risque genre a little bit.  Ruxy is short for Ruxandra Tepes, the granddaughter of Vlad Dracul.  After going into a self-imposed sleep, she wakes finding herself in 1920s Chicago caught up in the violence and glamour of gangster life.  It’s going to be fun, fierce, and racy!  I can promise you though, I will always provide you with a great story and great characters.  I can’t help but think of some of my favorite shows like BansheeSpartacus, and Warrior… great stories, great characters, great action and great sex.  What would life be without those things?  Pretty damn boring!  

Last but not least…. CageyComics.com is Shiny, New, and Improved!!!

The money I make on Kickstarter goes back into the business.  My website was in desperate need of an upgrade and now it’s where I want it to be.  If you missed anything during the Kickstarter campaign you can find it here, including:

Hope you’re all doing well and staying strong.  Thanks again for joining the Moon Crew.  Stay tuned for the next Kickstarter launch and other craziness from Cagey Comics!  In the meantime, enjoy the B&W/color versions of the cover for Issue #3 of Spectress & Sabanion.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay CAGEY!!