About me

Kurt Zauer has always been a spinner of bizarre tales.  As a youngster, his head was always swirling with stories in the various mythic realms of role playing.  As a teen, he followed the adventures of the X-Men, Captain America, and Spider-Man but fell out of that world as life scooped him up.  Years later, finding adult life to be decidedly overrated, he returned to comics and was delighted to find some amazing titles that inspired him (Southern Bastards, Nailbiter, Uber, Immortal Hulk, X-Men, Cap, Sexcastle, and others).  The years of gaming, intense interest in the ancient lore of Egypt, watching movies, reading books, and soul crushing IT work have finally motivated him to get his ass in gear and start writing.  

Kurt Zauer

Writer, cagey comics
email: kurtzauer@cageycomics.com