September 2019

Wow, it’s been a busy month!  Conventions on 3 out of 5 weekends in August!  I had a great time down in Springfield, IL for Springfield Comic Expo and Wizard World Chicago was an exhausting blast!  I also made the haul up to beautiful Minneapolis for Meta Con.  Had a great time chatting up some great people.  I really want to thank those that took the leap and picked up a copy of Spectress & Sabanion.

And now… on to the latest S & S news:

Spectress & Sabanion is now on both Comixology  AND Amazon Kindle….

…which is VERY EXCITING!!!  I hope to reach a much broader audience that way and find new readers.  If you know any fans of comic books or just an interesting story, and you think they might like something as dark and crazy as Spectress & Sabanion, send them a link or just tell them to search me on Comixology or Amazon and BANG! they’ll find me.

Also, I received a great review from Reading with a Flight Ring. 

“This is why I love finding unknown books by unknown creators because you can feel the passion for what they are doing.”

You can check it out HERE    I’ve been gently pushing my story to other reviewers too but… they’re all so busy and how do you gently prod a critic that you want to be nice to your story?  A conundrum.  

Next projects: my artist has been banging on my door for Issue # 3 and I am working on making that happen. I’m also rolling around a supernatural story set here in Chicago in the 1920s.  I just watched the old classic White Heat with James Cagney.  It’s an old B&W gangster movie that still holds up in modern times… although the car chase would really be considered “quaint” by today’s standards.  It got me researching old gangster slang and some of it is just so awesome I have to put it into a story.  There will most likely be vampires, black magic, demons, Tommy guns, lawyers and illicit booze.  

What’s everyone been into lately?  I’m still trying to get caught up on FX’s Legion.  I’m just a few episodes into Season 2 and have a ways to go yet.  Still… probably one of my favorite shows ever.  Behind Spartacus, but still up there with Breaking Bad.  Marvel just announced a big new lineup of new shows on Disney Plus (She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight).  They also just released a trailer for The Mandalorian.  I wonder sometimes… how am I going to stay on top of all that?  I’ll have to retire just to keep up with all those shows.  Disney has more money than I have time.

As far as comics go, I’ve been reading Immortal Hulk (yeesh!), War of the Realms (soooo many tie-ins), and The Life and Death of Toyo Harada (Valiant) has been great too.    


Upcoming Conventions:

September 21stGalaxy Comic Book and Fantasy Art Expo.  Joliet, IL.  This is a special show, might be once in a lifetime because I’ll be there together with Topper Helmers (artist on Spectress & Sabanion) as well as Wesley Wong (colorist on Spectress & Sabanion).  We’ll all be there, at the same table, signing books and saying hello.  

October 11 – 13ACE Comic Con. Rosemont, IL.

October 19Peoria QuadCon.  Peoria, IL.

November 8 – 10GalaxyCon.  Minneapolis, MN.

November 22 – 24Days of the Dead.  Rosemont, IL.

Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying comics, enjoying Spectress & Sabanion, and loving life.  Drop me a line if you get the time!  Thanks again for supporting my story!  

Thank you for Great 2019