Don't Meet Your Heroes

After a brief hiatus, I’m back!  I took a break from social media and the email list for a while… maybe too long.  Fulfillment is about 88% done, with just sketch covers left and Chris is nearly there.  If you’re a Kickstarter backer and you just signed up for my email list, WELCOME!  If you’re a long-time Cagey Comics subscriber, HELLO AGAIN!

Lots of things to discuss, I’ll try to keep it brief and interesting… first:

Comic Book News or… Don’t Meet Your Heroes

Comparatively, I haven’t been in the comics game for long.  I enjoyed comics in high school (I still have my old Inferno series) and fell out of the scene until about 2015 – 2016 when I started getting interested in some indie titles.  Southern Bastards from Image Comics was the big one.  Brutal and personal, it just blew me away.  A great title, written by Jason Latour.  Read it if you can.  After reading that I thought anything was possible and I got moving on Spectress & Sabanion.  Now… I haven’t actually met the guy but, through the magic of social media, we can get all kinds of GREAT TIDBITS!

So, needless to say, it’s disappointing.  It’s happened multiple times… everyone always kind of knew about it… blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera.  We’ve heard about these things so many times before and I’m afraid they’re going to keep coming.  Comics is such a niche business.  Your success depends a lot on the connections you make.  Unfortunately, there are those out there that will take advantage of that power when they can.  Kinda shitty.  Can’t understand it.  Southern Bastards was being looked at for a movie and/or TV series.  Now… who knows?

Liking Castlevania?  Me too, but… Don’t even get me started on WARREN ELLIS!

I’m glad Kickstarter is an outlet where just about anyone can get a foot into the door of the comics world on their own.  This might be the best way for people (women creators) that want to operate outside the (somewhat creepy) professional world of comics.  Ah well… things are changing.  Some women just aren’t putting up w/ the shit that they used to and I don’t blame them.  Which leads me to…

Cancel Culture

So now that we’ve determined there are a some creepy elements (people) out there… what next?  Do we shut them down?  Throw heads of lettuce and tomatoes at them?  Cast them out forever?  I don’t know.  I think things like this should be learned from.  The question is… can they genuinely learn enough to turn a corner?  If you look at a guy like Warren Ellis who has had incredible success in comics/tv/film while manipulating and victimizing women over a period of over 20 years… maybe not.   Maybe Jason Latour can recover, I don’t know.  I hope so. 

Is that even possible?  How many of you know Tim Seeley?  He’s an artist/writer most known creating Hack/Slash and has written a number of titles for DC and Marvel.  My hat is off to this guy because he had the same problem, figured it out, GOT HELP, and had the balls to admit it.  On TWITTER, of all places!   

Me?  I guess I try to be a gentleman and that might seem a bit dry.  BUT!  At least if I find some measure of success with Spectress & Sabanion, women won’t be coming out of the woodwork with “HE GRABBED MY ASS AT GALAXY CON!

Redemption, Mercy, Forgiveness

I think Tim Seeley earned a bit of redemption there, so it is possible.  Problems can be fixed, it just takes a bit of self-awareness and willingness to take that step.

Nick Cave is… I’m not sure how to even describe him.  Singer, musician, badass, philosopher… just in general a pretty deep guy.  His music might not be your thing (many people know Red Right Hand from Peaky Blinders) but the guy has an amazing way of looking at life.  He wrote about the extreme lengths that Cancel Culture has reached and why it’s not healthy.  

Check it out HERE:

Sorry, getting a bit deep here!  I don’t usually do that.  Let’s get back to comics!

The Kickstarter for Spectress & Sabanion Issue #2 is coming up.  Most likely in late October!  A Halloween release, how cool would that be?  Watch for more updates…. looking at more alternate covers from Chris Ehnot and Mog Park!

Next update: Issue #3 update, Hellraiser, and the idea of being a fan.  Stay tuned!