Live Chat, Comic Gossip, & Milestone Bonuses... oh my!


Milestone Bonuses!

The launch is currently tracking at 72% which is outstanding!  I am grateful to be here at the 1 week mark.  I’ve added some milestone bonuses to sweeten the deal for backers!

When we reach 75% backing:  a free digital copy of DUSK #1 by Spero Comics will be sent to all backers!

Dusk is a city built on the edge of light and dark on a planet that hangs motionless in space. Kaitlyn has just arrived to live with her sister, Christina and immediately discovers the criminal element lurking in the city’s shadows. Meanwhile, two detectives investigate a string of child disappearances that plague the city. 

When we reach 90% backing: a free digital copy of OXYMORON: The Loveliest Nightmare #1 will be sent to all backers!

An afflicted detective hunts a serial killer obsessed with contradiction, who is painting a bloody canvass of carnage with the entrails of politicians and power brokers in the corrupt city she calls home.  OXYMORON is a visceral thriller in the vein of Se7en and Hannibal that answers the question “What if The Joker came to a Gotham WITHOUT Batman?”

And Now… Time for Some GOSSIP!

In my last update, I featured DC Comics decision to ditch Diamond as their means of distribution to comic shops.  That, in turn, featured quite a reaction.  It pushed one comic shop owner to feature a DC SUCKS 50% off sale:

Which, in turn, earned Chuck Rozanski a lot of criticism from DC fans:

The Internet, ladies and gentlemen.  What else do we have it for?

Speaking of which…

I’m Going to Be LIVE on the Internets for the FIRST TIME!
Tomorrow, 6/10/2020 at 2:30 PM Central Time.  You can see me have a chat with Christie Shinn, creator of Demon Bitch Shitty Tarot.  You can find the link to the live chat on her website HoraTora Studios HERE!  By the way, check out her Kickstarter.  Maybe you’re not into Tarot, but even if you drop a few bucks… it’s totally worth it for her foul-mouthed updates!

You can see it on YouTube HERE!