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An Ancient Egyptian Ghost
and a Volcanic Demon
- Bound by Fate -
Push Their Way Back Into the Realm of the Living

Check out the MAGIC, the MURK, and the MAYHEM of Spectress & Sabanion!

Zauer and company have a surprisingly fun buddy book that takes me back to the old THUNDER Agents feel of pulp and excitement with some mystical tragedy mixed in.  All in all a great book and as good as anything on the shelf. I can’t wait for the next issue.”   – First Comics News

” Let’s face it when you deal with ghosts and demons we’re all a bit intrigued but add into the mix Egyptians and Soldiers and the intrigue factor raises exponentially… This is why I love finding unknown books by unknown creators,  because you can feel the passion for what they are doing… This is fun, exciting, and different than anything you are currently reading.”    – Reading With a Flight Ring
Issue 1 Cover - Topper Helmers
Cover Capture
Aneksi's Leap - Issue #1 Cover by Chris Ehnot

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