Kurt Zauer’s Premiere Comic book:


The ghost of Cleopatra’s top assassin, Aneksi, wants to rejoin the world of the living.    

Centuries of frustration, patience and determination have focused her will.  She’s learned to move objects in the physical world, appear solid, and walk among us.  She’s created a living identity for herself.  

Aneksi yearns for purpose in her unlife and she is at the cusp of realizing her dream: a real life in the modern world as an archaeologist.  

Sabanion, a demon of terrible destructive power, is the main obstacle to Aneksi’s plan.  

She is bound by an ancient curse to this whirling engine of destruction.  Their fates are intertwined.

Can Aneksi’s push back into the realm of the living survive such a ruinous presence?  

Or can she manipulate the dark secret that binds them to her advantage?