2021… Lots to talk about

So let’s get started… Hope everyone is doing well and keeping healthy.  Starting to see a few lights at the end of the tunnel and

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Hellraiser and Fandom

Hellraiser & Fandom Ok, I’m a Hellraiser fan… OR AM I? I’ve only seen 2 of the Hellraiser movies and really enjoyed them. There are

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Don’t Meet Your Heroes

Don’t Meet Your Heroes After a brief hiatus, I’m back!  I took a break from social media and the email list for a while… maybe

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The Kickstarter SAGA!

The Kickstarter SAGA! It’s July 3rd at around 11pm…. I’m 60 minutes away from the end of my first Kickstarter. What a ride it has

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Upcoming Projects!!!

Hello again! How are you holding up?  I hope you’re staying healthy, happy, and sane!  I’m doing my best to keep busy and stay motivated. 

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