It’s FINALLY Here!!!

After quite a lot of writing, agonizing, coordinating, and organizing… the Kickstarter Launch Date for Issue #3 of Spectress & Sabanion has finally been set:

August 5th at 7 PM CST

I am so excited to take this next step.  I know I’ve grown as a comic book writer and I’ve got so many great things in store for you.  Unique and strange stories, weird situations, and shocking revelations. Gritty heroes and terrible villains!  I LOVE IT!  I’m so glad that you’re on this journey with me.  I truly hope you enjoy it.

More updates coming soon!  

Click HERE to follow the launch!

Here are the official (AND GORGEOUS) covers for the launch:

See you again soon!  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay CAGEY!