Spectress & Sabanion, Issue # 3

The script for Issue #3 is complete, edited, updated, and off to Topper Helmers to be translated into more tremendous art.  SO EXCITED to see this next stage of the story!  The feedback I got from the editor was fantastic.  I found her on Fiverr.com, a website that has been extremely useful for finding the expertise I needed but didn’t have time to learn on my own (mainly my project video, but then I found a comic script editor… perfect). A freelancer’s paradise!

I got some feedback on Issues #1 and #2 also. I might streamline the writing for those in the future and get them re-lettered. Maybe for the first story arc omnibus perhaps….

For Issue #3, I streamlined the dialogue and narration, and added 2 pages at the beginning to tell a bit more of the story of the Witanemetowa (Evil Owl Spirit) and CONFAC-4.  Here’s a sneak peek at the first 3 pages of script and rough drawings I get from Topper as part of our process:

So thrilled to see this come to life. Honestly, this is the best part of comics as a writer… seeing your story come to life! There’s nothing quite like it.