Thank you for Great 2019

What a great year it’s been!  I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for signing up and supporting my ideas and my comics.  We’re on our way into 2020 and… well… who knows what might happen next?!  

But enough of that!  Let’s get on to the fun stuff!

Creating this comic book has been a great outlet.  Even when I was a kid, I loved stories.  Now, I find myself with this amazing opportunity to find great artists, meet great people and perhaps… put something new and different out there that intrigues people.  Thank you again for taking the time to read my story and join me on this dark path into the supernatural! 

If you ask me, dark paths are the more interesting ones… and it’s going to get darker!
And now… on to the latest Spectress & Sabanion news:
Issue #3 continues apace!  My plan is to have it ready for the convention schedule in 2020.  I am also priming things for the Spectress & Sabanion premiere on Kickstarter.  I’m working with some artists to create new covers for the existing issues (#1 and #2) to spice them up for the wonderful folks that have already picked up a copy.  Currently working with Chris Ehnot for a new issue #1 cover.  He’s done quite a number of covers for a variety of independent comic publishers.  



Here is a rough sketch of the idea we came up with:

The idea is Aneksi (Spectress) leaping forward out of her old, ancient world into the new, modern one.  She’s wielding her magic and has her khopesh sword at the ready.  The evil eyes of Sabanion look on…

Another cover artist is pending… more on that as things develop.

How about you?

What have you been reading or watching lately?  I’ve been finished a few shows lately: The Witcher, Watchmen, The Expanse.  I enjoyed each one of them.  The Witcher definitely had an interesting approach to the story structure.  Honestly, with so many great shows and amazing content I think it’s OK to challenge the audience with some timeline fudging but it might not be for everyone.  They are certainly angling for the Game of Thrones crowd with the swordplay and the… um… well, you get it.  

As far as comics go, I’ve got a pile I’m still sifting through.  Immortal Hulk is not the most patient being out there, but he’s just going to have to wait.  

Any recommendations for me?  What you you been reading and/or watching?  I’m always on the lookout for something unique and intriguing.  The new Dracula just popped on Netflix, have you seen it yet?  Let me know if you like it!

Upcoming Conventions in 2020:

So far, I’m confirmed for Indiana ComicCon, April 10 – 12th.  My first show in Indiana!