I had a great time in Minneapolis, my first show in over a year!  If this is your first Cagey Comic update, WELCOME TO THE MOON CREW!!!  Been a while since my last update and there’s a lot going on…. but FIRST!  A GREAT STORY!

Are you a sports fan?  I am definitely not.  I like to exercise and watch the Packers on occasion but my head doesn’t have enough room for sports (too much other weird stuff swirling around in there).  There are lots of great stories that come out of sports though, and I love a good story.  Check out the story of the First (and only) FAN To Be Inducted Into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Father’s Day!
It’s coming up!  For all those Dads out there, take the day off, read a comic, have a BEER!  For all the kids out there, give your Dad a pat on the back and tell him he’s the best.  My Dad passed on a while back, but I often think about our relationship (on weekends mostly) and how we clicked and didn’t click.  It’s funny, but the generational differences are huge now. 

I think about the things he was often trying to say but couldn’t really come around to it.  One thing, I laugh about it now, was his relationship advice.  It was non-existent for the most part but I always remember him chuckling fondly every time PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT came on.  It’s a cheesy song that tells a great story… a duet between two teens fighting their primal urges.  Not sure if it holds up well today but, I think this was his way of warning me not to be too hasty.

And of course, Comics!

Spectress & Sabanion, Issue #3, Page 4
Spectress & Sabanion, Issue #3, Page 8
Spectress & Sabanion, Issue #3, Page 14

There are a number of irons in the fire right now: