So much going on… and Halloween is right around the corner!

So let’s start with some WEIRD HALLOWEEN SHIT, shall we? A fan of the old John Carpenter movie, The Thing?  Me too.  Want more of that movie that’s not a crummy sequel or dumb reboot?  Same here.  Check out this Hugo Award nominated short story called The Things by Peter Watts.  It’s the story told from the point-of-view of… the Thing:

Do you like to watch art in action?  Sometimes watching an artist do his thing can be mesmerizing.  Have a look at Jordan Persegati’s page and watch him go.  He also deftly narrates a chilling story while the art unfolds.  Check out the story of the horrifying creature designated SCP-682:

Great Halloween Reads
As far as scary comics go, I’ve always been a big NAILBITER fan.  Great art, great story, and a real sense of dread.  The town of Buckaroo, Oregon has given birth to sixteen serial killers and now an FBI investigator there investigating has just gone missing.  

Lots of great reads out there.  I’ve read The Plot and enjoyed that also.  I’m definitely checking out Something Is Killing the Children.  One of  the cover artists for that book, Ivan Tao, also did a cover for me on Spectress & Sabanion Issue #3. 

Speaking of which…  Spectress & Sabanion Issue #3 has arrived!It looks fantastic!  The Kickstarter was a great success and thanks again so much.  The books just arrived from Comic Impressions and again, they look great.   

The work continues on Issue #4 and Wes has already colored a few pages.

Final Conventions of 2021
Are things getting better…?  I think they are.  Some conventions have been better than others but I can tell people are happy to be back, happy to get back into cosplay, and happy to interact with other fans.  My best show was undoubtedly Planet ComicCon in Kansas City.  Quite a drive but it’s definitely the biggest convention I’ve attended.  Got to see Chris Ehnot again and met Bill McKay.  Stay tuned and Get to a show if you can!!  Here’s my remaining convention schedule for 2021:

Anime Halloween, October 29th (today) -31 at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL
Dark Art & Oddities Con, November 13-14 at the Red Roof Inn in Dekalb, IL
Days of the Dead-Chicago, November 19-21 at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare in Rosemont, IL