Things have been moving right along!  Eyes are blurry, time is short, but progress is being made!

I must confess though, I did take a little “me time” last weekend up in WI.  Had a great time.  Hung out with my buddies, did a bit of drinking, and gamed all weekend.  I’ve been a gamer since… around the 5th grade.   Started with Dungeons and Dragons.  At that time, all the devil-worship hype was running rampant and my teacher warned me of the potential evils that awaited me inside that insidious fantasy realm.  Ah well, it didn’t stick.  I have to say, I probably wouldn’t be writing right now if I didn’t game as a kid.  Creating and telling a story is a huge part of any role playing game and there is a ton of reading required to play. 

Thinking back, geez! we played just about everything: D & D, Star Frontiers, Boot Hill, Bushido, Car Wars, TMNT, Battletech, Top Secret, Marvel Super Heroes, Shadowrun, and probably a few others I can’t remember right now.  Over the years, we changed over to Pathfinder but I hear that 5th edition D&D is pretty good. 

Here’s a tidbit.  Remember Deities and Demigods?

It’s where I first discovered my love for ancient Egyptian mythology.  There were those awesome ink drawings throughout the whole book but it was Ra, Horus, Osiris, Bast, Isis and Set that drew me in. 

  Good times.  I guess it didn’t hurt that the goddesses were bare chested as well.  

Currently, we’re playing an Underdark campaign in Pathfinder and a “Sons of Mediocrity” storyline in Mutants & Masterminds.  Basically, we’re playing the offspring of some of the loser villains from Marvel comics: 

Yeah, Typeface.  He had to dig a bit to find that one.  Session started with a family group counseling session and turned into complete chaos.  It was a blast.  

If you want to play a great hero game that really fits with the way comic stories work, try Mutants & Masterminds.  It’s so much fun!  A nice departure from the usual d20 gaming too.  Spectress & Sabanion are versions of my favorite characters from that game.  Maybe I’ll post their stats sometime.  There’s also a great site where someone statted out just almost EVERY MARVEL and DC  HERO for the game.  Any other gamers out there?  Of course there are.  Tell me what you’ve been up to and what you’re playing.

Oh, and we played this too…

… and it was also a blast!  I’m usually not a board game guy but it was fun.  

Spectress and Sabanion Update

Oh yes, I should probably mention… MY KICKSTARTER IS ALMOST READY!  March 23rd is the date!  I’m going to be releasing Issue #1 with a new cover by Chris Ehnot.  It’s all done and it’s amazing!  4 different versions:

What do you think?  Which version do you like best?  I love the detail in the pic so I think I prefer it without the flames.  There’s also the choice between sheer top and no sheer top.  I haven’t settled on the final version and would be interested to hear what you think. has finally been upgraded!

I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.  I can now add web developer to my resume (not really, thanks YouTube).  Check it out when you can.  I’ve been tweaking and updating it for a few weeks now and it’s running smoothly.  

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my comic and listening to me gush about geek stuff.  If you know anyone that might be into the magic, the murk, and the mayhem of Spectress and Sabanion, send them a link to

I might see you at C2E2 this weekend.  I don’t have a table but I’ll be there!

Thanks again!