Let’s Talk Conventions 
I’ve added quite a few shows to my convention schedule this year, including 2 first-time shows in Michigan! Conventions start this Sunday, check out my full schedule!  I hope to add a few more shows as things progress.  I have an application in for C2E2 again this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that lightning strikes twice!  

Let’s Talk Recommendations
There is so much good stuff out there to watch and sometimes I think it’s just too much. First of all, thank you again for spending your precious time & money on Spectress & Sabanion. Without you, I couldn’t do this. But there are, of course, SO MANY OTHER GREAT STORIES OUT THERE! Here are a few recommendations:

Netflix: DOTA – Dragon’s Blood

If you’re into action, dragons, & sorcery, check this out. Fantastic animation. It’s based on a video game but it has a lot of the old D & D classics like Mirror Image and, my personal favorite, the Flying Scimitar of Tusmit! Nasty! 

Amazon Prime: The Legend of Vox Machina

And… yeah, if you’re into action, dragons, & sorcery (sensing a pattern here) with a comedic twist have a look. This show was lots of fun, hilarious but also very intense at times. I don’t know much about the Critical Role crew, but this show is an absolute blast!  

For a Great Fantasy Read:  The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Easily one of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read. Got a recommendation from a friend for this one and it’s definitely up there with Lord of the Rings. Not a questing epic, but the story of a group of top-notch grifters that tempt fate.  Doesn’t start heavy on magic/sorcery but it plays a larger role as the story progresses. I listened to it on Audible.com and it was very well narrated.

Comics:  Written by Ben Percy

I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed Ben Percy’s writing on Wolverine. The recent X-Men Krakoa series has been interesting (and quite convoluted but that’s what you get w/ The X-Men). Wolverine has had a great piece of that story, almost letting himself believe that he has a place he can call home. Fantastic art, too.  I picked up the new Ghost Rider just because he’s writing it.  It’s a first issue, laying the groundwork, but more great gruesome art and a lot of future potential.  

Charity:  Compassion is Key


You don’t hear much about kindness and compassion anymore.  It doesn’t sell well on the news but it’s a part of humanity that should always be embraced and celebrated.  There isn’t enough of that.  There are a lot of charities that asking for donations but, if you can, check out this one.  It helps children in the care of police, fire, emergency room staff in the southeastern Wisconsin area.  

If you check any of these out, let me know what you think!

Let’s Talk Cagey Comics!
Spectress & Sabanion Issue #4 continues. Wes is still banging out colors and Topper is banging on my door for the Issue #5 script. So much going on! Things are going a slower than I’d like but I’m working on that.  Thank you for sticking it out w/ me. Here’s page 4, where Aneksi and Cheska get to take a breather after the insanity of Issue #3:

Ruxy Vampire also continues.  Draft 2 of the script is w/ the editor.  I can’t wait to get this one out, it’s going to be soooo much fun!!