Oh, not me! However I still do feel a sense of pride knowing that the colorist who has done such an amazing job coloring Spectress & Sabanion had his skills recognized by DC Comics!! Amazing! Outstanding!! Congratulations to Wesley Wong

Pick up a copy of Wonder Woman – Historia Book Two if you haven’t already.

But That’s Not All!

You all know my interior artist, Topper Helmers.  He’s reached a milestone himself and completed his first graphic novel!  It’s called Cloud Raider Tales and it’s packed with fantastic action and whimsical art.  I’ll be helping him launch the book on Kickstarter!  

Cloud Raider Tales by Topper Helmers!

 Got To Have a Great Creator Chat

I had a really fun interview w/ Elijah Loving who does his own quarterly publication called TMQ (Tikvah Minds Quartery). I met Elijah at a show a few years back and he’s a great artist and a great guy.  He and I had a great chat and he graciously gave me a copy of the video. You can check it out on my YouTube channel here:

You can also check out Elijah’s work at his website and his YouTube channel.

Issue #4 Kickstarting is inbound!

As soon as the covers are fully prepped, Spectress & Sabanion #4 will be launching on Kickstarter!  I’m working with some new cover artists on this one, including CB Zane and Anh Vu!  Mog Park will be back with another Tarot cover: Judgement. Can’t wait.  Wesley was able to work his magic on Topper’s cover so… ENJOY! 

Spectress & Sabanion Issue #4 features the backstory of Aneksi during her last days in Egypt. 

BLOOD AND FIRE!!!  Just the way I like it.