Hello again!

How are you holding up?  I hope you’re staying healthy, happy, and sane!  I’m doing my best to keep busy and stay motivated.  I find that sleep is a bit of a big deal.  Whatever goes on with self-quarantine it’s conducive to long naps after work… which keeps me up at night… which means I’m groggy and useless in the morning.  A vicious cycle!  I just broke out of it this week and I feel way better.

But enough of that… time for some good news!  The comics community on Kickstarter is ALIVE AND WELL!  I’ve hooked up with some great creators that are all putting their work out there to support:  1-The Comics Medium, 2-Kickstarter and, 3-Themselves.  Hey, we all gotta do it.  We have the need!

Here are some links to a few current Kickstarters that are going down right now that you might want to have a look at:

Silverline Double Feature: 

Young girl discovers power scifi/superhero AND supernatural horror (I KNOW you’re into that)

Click the pics!

The Alchemist of Aurillia:  Action/fantasy about a wizard and a sprite in the Ottoman Empire

XCT: Fractured Worlds:  History’s greatest figures of myth and legend brought back to fight it out

Check them out when you get a chance and back one/two/three that you like!  If it’s not your thing and you’re got a friend who you know might like it, pass it along!

Thanks again for sticking with me and my story.  May 26th is coming up and I’m very excited/nervous/… terrified?  Nah, not terrified, but you know what I mean.  

Have a great weekend!

Next update will feature:
TIME TRAVEL – Thoughts and musings
ISSUE #3 UPDATE – Yes… oh yes.  
CONVENTION UPDATE – Yeah… not so hot.

Hope you’re doing well.  I just watched the Nicolas Cage flick, Color Out of Space.  I don’t watch a lot ofpay-per-watch stuff but obviously that’s changing now!  Heh.  Have you discovered anything kind of out-of-the-way and cool?  What’s been sitting on your shelf that you finally got to or finished up?    

Take it easy and stay healthy,