The time in nigh… but not quite so nigh as previously planned!  Thanks for bearing with me.  This is my first Kickstarter and, needless to say, our pal Covid-19 has been a pain in the ass.

But enough about that, let’s get to it!  JUNE 2nd IS THE DAY!!!

Here’s the link for the my Preview Page!  Click the image!!

You can click the Notify Me link on the page to get and update when the project launches.

I’m very excited and the Project Page is going to look GREAT!!!

I really appreciate your support and your patience.  I’m excited to see this finally take off.  This has been a tremendous learning process and Kickstarter is no small nut to crack.  The ComixLaunch course has been extremely helpful and an amazing resource.  

I’ll have another update to send out soon with more musings and other etcetera, but I wanted to get this note out as soon as I could with the launch date change.

But, since we’re talking about launches… here are a few other friends that are firing off their own launches!  Kickstarter is abuzz and teeming with projects.  Have a look! 

(Click the image for a link to the page)

Interested in a Fuck-You Tarot Deck?  Check out the Demon Bitch Shitty Tarot:

Bigfoot is lost in space doing Bigfoot things: carjacking, arm wrestling, creating cosmic havoc.  Savage Sasquanaut launches May 26th!

And now for something completely different… something for the kids! Mythic Creature Trainer: