This is going to be an exciting year.  I have 4 scripts in various stages of development (S & S issues #3 and #4, Ruxy Vampire #1 and #2) and conventions are starting up again.   I’m going to shorten my Kickstarter launches to 3 weeks instead of 4 so I can pack more of them in!  I also have to study for more IT certifications… GROSS!  (but it pays the bills)

Let’s talk some fun stuff:

What have I been reading?  Not much, LOL!  A lot going on but I’ve had time to discover a bit of new music.  Have you heard of the Dead Pirates?  Click the pics and check em out:

If you like it a bit more rockin, like I do, check out WOOD:

If you like it a bit more spooky and bizarre, like I do, check out UGO:

How about you?  Any good rockin and/or spooky & bizarre music recommendations?  Send em my way.

Other News…

Oh, hey!  Rob Zombie might reboot The Munsters.  Yes… THAT Rob Zombie:

Click the pic

Rob Zombie doesn’t really scream COMEDY to me but the guy is a devotee of the show so we shall see.  Same could be said of Peter Jackson (former shlock-horror movie director) and Lord of the Rings (fantasy epic) so anything is possible.  

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Universe launches in June with 4 titles.  He’s an ambitious guy… he’s looking to create enough characters and titles to get up there w/ Marvel and DC.  I haven’t kept up much w/ Spawn lately but the artwork is generally top notch. 

Click the pic
Hmmm… think there’s room in there somewhere for the tale of an ancient Egyptian ghost assassin and wrath demon? 

McFarlane is also working the new SPAWN movie as well.  That seems like a lot.  What do you think?  Can he get a Spawn Universe together big/good enough to compete w/ Marvel + DC?  That’s a big undertaking.