Hello Everyone!

I sit here at my computer, gazing through tired and bloodshot eyes. Heh, that’s right! It’s done. The new and improved CageyComics.com is live and ready for your perusal. I put this website together myself, my first one. YouTube is your friend for just about anything. It isn’t quite perfect just yet, and there are more things I want to get on here, but I’m definitely feeling a HUGE chunk of SATISFACTION that I was able to knock this out myself.


Take a look at this:

Here’s the new cover for Issue #1 for the Kickstarter launch. Amazing, right? I met Chris Ehnot at Wizard World Chicago and he was open for collaboration. I lucked out! Can’t wait to see how this looks with the title.

March 23rd is the day. I’m very excited and extremely nervous! I know there are a lot of people asking me for Issue #3 and it is on its way. Kickstarter is going to make or break me. It better make me because I spent an obscene amount of time building this website!

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m gearing up for the next few conventions and Kickstarters. It’s going to be a great year for comics!