I’m STOKED!  TABLE D-11 is mine… all mine! 

Not often that a little guy like me gets into a big show like this.  It’s definitely Chicago’s largest comic convention and I’ve been attending every year it’s been held since 2016.  That year, I commissioned a piece of art from Jeff Dekal and picked it up at the show.  I wanted something to inspire me and jumpstart some of the ideas that had been simmering in my brain for quite a long time.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with it:

The Artist Alley that year is also where I met the artist for my first book, Sajad Shah, and we collaborated to create Spectress Preview Issue #0.  C2E2 2016 is really what spurred me and gave me the motivation that I could actually do this.  And now, 5 years later, here I am!  Still can’t believe it.  I’m sure that circumstances have a little bit to do with it, LOL, but I’m not complaining!  Not one bit!

Stop by if you can!  Topper Helmers will be there on Friday!

Interior/cover artist, and all-around decent guy, Topper Helmers will be sharing the table with me on the first day of the show – Friday, December 10th.  He’ll have some of his original work there, will definitely knock out some signatures, and I’m sure he can be persuaded to do a sketch cover or two.  Topper has been working ahead on a few things that are simply stunning!  We’re still rolling ideas around on where they’d fit best and how to release them.  That guy likes to work and loves to create art!  I really lucked out when I met him.

Cover Artists Chris Ehnot and Ivan Tao will also be there! 

If you want signatures from Spectress & Sabanion cover artists, now is the time!  

Comic Book Update

Things are proceeding, not as quickly as I like but they’re on track. The script for Ruxy Vampire Issue #1 is in editing and rewrites currently.  It’s going to be bizarre, supernatural fun!  You’re going to meet Ruxy, her brother Marku, Appolonia, Al Capone, Frank Nitti, and Joey the Envy Demon.  Got some great feedback from Chuck Pineau on this and I’m working on the 2nd draft.  He’s helping out as editor on this issue.  

Issue #4 of Spectress & Sabanion is proceeding with more gorgeous colors by Wesley Wong.  This issue focuses on the story of Aneksi’s transformation and her last days in Egypt.  Topper and Wesley really bring ancient Alexandria to life.  Have a look at that sweet 2-page spread w/ colors: